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St. John's Wort - 150 ml

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Kosher & Halal
Carrier oil for creams and lotions
Fast absorption through the skin without a greasy layer
Antioxidant properties
100% natural without additives

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About St. John's Wort - 150 ml

Product Details

Experience the power of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea regions with the first truly nutrient-rich seed oils for women and men alike. All non-GMO seeds are cultivated naturally, while using gentle, chemical-free, clean 100% cold press methods to ensure pure oils preserve and retain all nutrients, so we can pass them on to you!
Grape seed oil is made from crushed seeds and known by using in cosmeceutical and skin care products for its perceived health benefits. Grape seed oil contains tocopherols (Vitamin E) and high contents of phytosterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, and alpha-linolenic acid.
It is known that Grape Seed due to its antioxidizing properties and the fatty acids, it could help support your health and moisturizes, softens skin to give it a natural healthy glow. Could help skin retain moisture naturally and can help with irritated skin & light weight oil won’t clog pores.*
The oil could be used as carrier oil in aromatherapy. This oils could be taken oral and therefore even nice to put it in your salads.

*This product is not intended to cure, prevent, treat or diagnose any disease.


Introduction of Use


✓ Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of administration. Dietary supplements may not replace normal nutrition.
✓ Keep away from reach of children and keep in their original container.
✓ Keep at room temperature below 25°C, in a tightly sealed container and away from light.
✓ May not be used to prevent or treat medical conditions. Please consult your physician prior to use and if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating. Do not purchase damaged or open containers. Seek medical advice if an undesired effect is observed.
✓ Due to the nature of the ingredients, natural color variation, precipitates, solidification, or turbidity may occur in this product.


Other Information

It is not legally allowed to give information about the benefits of the product. You can browse open sources for more information. For all your questions, you can contact us at +31 6 245 287 84 or send an e-mail to
We wish you healthy days…

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