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Sleepy Easy Clean

Sleepy Easy Clean White Soap Green 100pcs

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About Sleepy Easy Clean White Soap Green 100pcs

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Sleepy Easy Clean has been specially designed to leave surfaces clean and shiny without leaving marks or unsightly residue. Whether on glass, mirrors, stainless steel, ceramic or any other surface, you will always get a flawless result. This cleaning cloth has exceptional suction power that easily absorbs dirt and liquids. Even stubborn stains and impurities are no problem for Sleepy Easy Clean. Sleepy Easy Clean is durable and reusable. You can use it again and again without losing efficiency. This not only saves money, but also more environmentally friendly. Despite its strong cleaning power, Sleepy Easy Clean is gentle on surfaces. It does not leave scratches or damage, so you can safely use it on delicate materials. This cleaning cloth is suitable for many applications around your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, glass surfaces and furniture, Sleepy Easy Clean looks good everywhere.


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