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Aylam Cold Pressed Olive Oil 750 ml

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✓Extra Virgin Olive Oil - early harvest

✓ 100% Cold Pressed to preserve the benefits, minerals and properties found in  Olives

✓ Olive Oil is rich of healthy fats

✓ Contains high level of polyphenol ≥ 450 mg/kg (antioxidants)

✓ Low level of free acidity (Oleic acid 0.3%)

✓ 100% without additives


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The Journey of our Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Our, AYLAM Olive oil is rich in fatty acids, enchanting with its aroma, and has numerous health benefits. It requires care and effort at every stage. The olives from our grove in Çamoluk village, Muğla (Caria), are grown with care. Surrounded by pine forests on a plateau, the olive trees are fertilized with natural animal manure, and no chemical pesticides are used.

We produced this delicious golden liquid with the local farmers out of love for life, nature, familiy and health. Our Olive Oil has very low acidity (Oleic acid 0.3%) and is considered the most valuable. It is particularly prized when obtained from early harvests of not fully ripe olives and is cold-pressed.

You will taste a fruity flavor with aromatic notes of apple, tomato and lemon. The vibrant flavor and exciting peppery kick in the back of your throat comes from the high levels of polyphenol (≥ 450 mg/kg).

So enjoy every drop of it and nourish your body and soul!

One more thing. Our two sons made a drawing of a farmer picking olives. We loved this so much that we used it as a label for this bottle. As a family we send you our love!


From Olive Branch to Oil within one day!

Time is an important factor to preserve polyphenols in the process until they turn into olive oil. This is why the products turn into olive oil the day they are collected.

1. **Harvesting**:
   - The olives are harvested using poles, by hand, or with machines. The Gemlik variety olives are collected and cleaned from stones, leaves, soil, and other foreign substances. Care is taken to keep the olives intact and undamaged.

2. **Cleaning and Preparation**:
   - The collected olives are put through another cleaning process. All foreign materials are removed to ensure no substances remain that could alter the taste of the olive oil.
   - The cleaned olives are washed, dried, and prepared for the next stage. The pits are removed, leaving only the fleshy parts for easier oil extraction.

3. **Kneading and Cold Pressing at 17 degrees Celsius**:
   - The semi-pulped olives are transferred to the kneading unit. They are kneaded for 20-40 minutes, depending on the variety, allowing small oil droplets to combine into larger ones.
   - After kneading, water is added to the pulp to help the oil rise to the surface. The oil is then separated using tanks, filtered into a liquid state, and pumped out to obtain the olive oil.

4. **Bottling**:
   - The filtered olive oil is bottled and our Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil is ready for consumption for you.

Nutrition facts per 100 ml


900 kcal 3700kj


110 g

Saturated Fat

15,5 g

Mono-unsaturated Fat

91 g

Poly-unsaturated Fat

9 g


0 g


0 g


0 g


0 g


0 g

Vitamin E

10 mg (% BRD/ NRVs% / VNR% 83%)

Reference intake (RI) of an average adult (8400kj/2000kcal)

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