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Prof Saracoglu

Water Based Propolis Drops - 20 ml

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✓ Water based
✓ Pure water, propolis, propylene glycol - pure propolis is 10%
✓ Support immune system, metabolism and body resistance
✓ Water based propolis drops contains vitamins B1, B2, C, and E
✓ Supports against oral ulcers
✓ Water based propolis drops supports against inflammation complaints

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About Water Based Propolis Drops - 20 ml

Product Details

Propolis, in its raw form as it is first collected from the hive (raw propolis), contains various foreign substances and beeswax. The primary reason for this is its extreme stickiness and the fact that it is scraped off frames or hives to obtain it. Consuming it in this raw form is not recommended due to the loss of beneficial contents in the human body and the presence of foreign substances that may mix in during the scraping process. Instead, it is more advantageous to consume it in a purified extract form.

The local propolis (Turkiye) used in this Prof Saracoglu water/alcohol based propolis drops is meticulously collected by expert/trained beekeepers from the unique /mountains/plateaus of Anatolia, where numerous endemic flowers and mountain trees grow. The obtained propolis is produced in accordance with internationally recognized HACCP criteria in laboratory conditions. The phenolic compound analyses (HPLC) of Prof Saracoglu water/alcohol based propolis drops are conducted and reviewed by consulting academic personnel.

Raw Material: Prof Saracoglu use only domestically (Turkiye) produced raw propolis, thus supporting Turkiye beekeepers without any doubt and starting with high-quality raw materials. The procured raw materials are analyzed and classified, thus preventing regional content variations.

Solvent Type: Prof Saracoglu only use solvents suitable for human health, enabling us to produce Prof Saracoglu propolis products in their purest form without the use of any preservatives, coloring agents, or flavor enhancers.

Technique: To achieve more successful results every day, Prof Saracoglu constantly monitor and advance the quality of Prof Saracoglu water/alcohol based popolis drops through partnerships with universities and laboratory studies. Monitor the quantity of phenolic compounds present in water based/ alcohol based propolis by conducting analyses with these partnerships.

Propolis Ratio: Propolis, like an example of sugar soluble in water, can dissolve to a certain extent in solvents. The dissolution rate in water differs significantly from that in alcohol. In addition to the dissolution rate, the phenolic components left in water and alcohol also differ. Prof Saracoglu extend this ratio to the point where the solvent becomes saturated with propolis. Prof Saracoglu would like to report that they currently obtain products with a higher propolis content than many products on the market.


Contains: pure water, propolis, propylene glycol - The proportion of soluble pure propolis is 10%

Prof Saracoglu water based propolis drops does not contain additives

Introduction of Use

General use instructions:
Once a day, add 20 drops of Prof Saracoglu water based propolis to a half glass of water or to a quarter of milk and consume on an full stomach. Also possible to consume directly or by adding them to fruit juice, yogurt, honey, or similar foods.

Use for skin Infections / warts:
Once a day, add 20 drops of water based propolis to a half glass of water or a quarter to a tea cup of milk and consume on an full stomach. Additionally, a few drops can be applied directly to a piece of cotton and apply to the wart or the affected area.

For children between 4 - 10 years old should be 10 drops daily after breakfast in the morning.
For children of 1 -3 years old it is recommended as external use such as gargle.

Shake well before use. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Store in the refrigerator after opening.

Since it does not contain additives, there may be changes in color over time. The aroma and taste of propolis may vary depending on the climatic conditions of where it is collected.

All descriptions on the website are based on information from the manufacturer or supplier. We recommend that you carefully read the instructions for use and warnings before using a product.


✓ Water based propolis drops is suitable for children over 4 years old
✓ For children between 1 - 4 years only external use recommended
✓ Not recommended for people with hypoglycemia, those taking strong blood thinners and/or antibiotics, and those with allergies to bee products and high risk of allergies
✓ Keep out of reach of children
✓ Do not contact with eyes
✓ Please note that water based propolis drops is only supportive
✓ Consult and inform your physician about your use of this product


Other Information

It is legally not allowed to give information about the benefits of Prof Saracoglu water based propolis drops. You can search in open sources for more information.

If you have any questions, please send us a message via our chat support.

Wishing you healthy days

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