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Prof Saracoglu

Handmade Marigold Soap - 135 g

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✓ Marigold soap is handmade
✓ Consists 100% vegetable oils
✓ Contains Calendula flowers
✓ Marigold soap is suitable for all skin types

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About Handmade Marigold Soap - 135 g

Product Details

✓ Marigold soap is 100% handmade
✓ It is prepared with olive oil and calendula oil
✓ It is recommended for the entire body, including the scalp
✓ Marigold soap is recommended for all skin types
✓ Marigold soap helps in the healing of wounds on the skin surface
✓ It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects
✓ The use of calendula flowers in acute and chronic skin inflammations has been proven.
✓ Marigold soap can be used as a helper in eliminating skin spots.


Prof Saracoglu marigold soap: Sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoate, calendula officinalis oil, calendula offcinale flower, fragrance

Introduction of Use

Marigold soap is suitable for daily use. It can be used for the whole body, including hair.

Marigold soap is recommended for all skin types and age

Expire time after opening: 3 years


✓ Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
✓ Avoid eye contact
✓ Do not apply on scars, burns or irritated skin
✓ For external use only
✓ Store on a dry place after use


Other Information

You can browse open sources for more information about marigold soap.

If you have any questions, please send us a message via our chat support.

Wishing you healthy days

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