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Prof Saracoglu

Toothpaste with Activated Carbon - 75 ml

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✓ It provides deep cleaning with the active carbon which helps whiten teeth
✓ Color of activated carbon toothpaste is black
✓ During brushing, your teeth will be smeared in black, in the same way, the sink will also be black
✓ It does not contain SLS, paraben, folmaldehyde, triclosan, fluoride, color and artificial sweeteners
✓ Toothpaste with activated carbon has no taste

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About Toothpaste with Activated Carbon - 75 ml

Product Details

✓ It provides deep cleaning with the active carbon which helps whiten teeth
✓ Additionally, it is effective in maintaining oral and dental health with its propolis and miswak extract.
✓ Toothpaste with activated carbon also removes small particles that are not cleaned with regular toothpaste, ensuring teeth whitening.
✓ It is more accurate to use it intermittently to avoid affecting the oral flora due to excessive cleaning and hygiene.


Prof Saracoglu toothpaste with activated carbon: Calcium carbonate, aqua, glycerin, sorbitol, carbon black, cocos nucifera oil, salvadora persica bark/ root extract, propolis wax, decyl glucoside

Introduction of Use

Brush your teeth once a day for 1-2 minutes every other day with toothpaste with activated carbon. Rinse with plenty of water after brushing. Do not swallow.
It is recommended to use alternately with Prof Saraçoğlu toothpaste with thyme extract.

Suitable above 12 years old. There is no problem to use during pregnancy. However, due to the sensitive nature of this period, it is more appropriate to use it every 2-3 days instead of daily.

Expiry time after opening: 2 years.


✓ Keep out of reach of children
✓ Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
✓ Avoid eye contact
✓ For external use only
✓ Store on a dry place after use


Other Information

You can browse open sources for more information about toothpaste with activated carbon.

If you have any questions, please send us a message via our chat support.

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