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About US RM

This adventure started two years ago when I was in a busy phase of my life. Life sometimes feels like a fast train and just keeps on racing. While you are still processing a situation, the train is already on its way to the next moment. There are too few stops to catch your breath. And so it continues until a moment of realization comes that things can and should be done differently! I thought “I only come to this earth once and why wouldn’t I want to get the best out of life. I still have a whole life ahead of me and I want to fully enjoy my family and loved ones. I want to grow old healthy. ” This realization was reinforced even more when I lost my dear grandfather. He was someone who loved life. He always did what he wanted, traveled a lot and enjoyed it to the full. I have always admired this. His death touched me deeply but also fueled something. If I wanted something different from life, I had to take a different approach. I listened better and better to my body and started making more healthy choices. I sought the connection with my true self and allowed nature into my life more and more. Because nature works healing, is relaxing and gives answers. I also started exercising more often and discovered Yoga. Slowly I felt better about myself and saw that this also had a positive effect on my family. I know that I am not there yet, but I am certainly not done with this adventure. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not so much about the destination but about the journey towards it. Does that matter since I also like to travel ?. More and more often I choose natural products. Both in the kitchen and on my bedside table. I have replaced many of my personal care products with all kinds of chemicals with products with pure ingredients. And when I go to the supermarket, I read the ingredients and choose products that are the least processed. It is and remains a search but it is definitely worth it. You owe it to yourself to live healthily. All this has brought me so much good and I want to share that with others. What I grant for myself, I also grant you! After all, we are all responsible for a better world and a better future. Most of the products that I use come from the Mediterranean area. When I eat something or put it on my skin, I want to know what’s in it. The manufacturers of the products that I use do not work with genetically modified ingredients. The oils are also cold-pressed, so that the valuable nutritional values ​​are preserved. In addition, through my studies and my work, I find it important that products are produced in a responsible manner. That is why I prefer a manufacturer that is certified and has an eye for quality. For example, my husband and I decided to visit the factory where we purchase our products. Well, I have to say we were both very impressed. After this visit we gained even more confidence in our products and we are eager to offer them to you. We hope that you, like us, will enjoy these pure products that we have chosen with great care.